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The Diary of A Simple Man


Peter Maranci
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Something very much like nothing anyone had seen before came trotting down the stairs and crossed the room.

"What is that?" the Duke asked, palely.

"I don't know what it is," said Hark, "but it's the only one there ever was." - James Thurber, The Thirteen Clocks

I'm the only one there ever was.

Okay, no more mun mun. So now what?

I'm a genetic oddity, a red-haired Armenian. I live in Rhode Island with my wife and red-headed little boy. I manage to simultaneously feel like a wide-eyed nine-year-old boy, and a creaky relic of Victorian (or possibly Edwardian) England.

Throw in a dash of angry punk, three jiggers of an extremely sick sense of humor, and a recurring streak of Cranky Old Man.

No wonder I'm confused! :D

I'm a geek, of the science fiction & roleplaying variety. I've come *this close* to selling a story, but I've had writer's block for years. Straight but not narrow about it, atheist, angry liberal - make that EXTREME liberal, idealist, cynic, sinner and saint.

Yeah, that last sounds like a bad country music song, but it's actually pretty much on the ball.

I'm physically and mentally in surprisingly good shape, although I'm fatter than I would like to be.

I work in Boston, MA, next to Fenway Park. But I'm not that into sports.

Born and raised in Connecticut. I got my BA in political science and soc/anth, a double major. Passed by the skin of my teeth, because I felt that homework and tests should be optional.

I've been online since 1987. Long time.

Is that enough?