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Telemarketer annoyance

The phone rang today.

"Hi, this is Tom from [I forget the company name]. How are you?" He was very friendly-sounding and smooth. I'd never spoken to him before.

", thanks! How are you?" This was already starting to feel weird.

"I'm doing great, thanks! I'm calling to let you know that we're looking for an advertising house in your area, and you're qualified for a free wireless home security system."

"...we already have one."

"Great! Is it activated? Because the offer applies to activation too. We can set up a contract - "

"No, we're not interested in taking on another financial obligation, thanks - "

"I'm sure that once you discuss the plan with one of our specialists you'll find that it's very - "

"No, we're just not interested, so thanks but - "

"Just state your first and last name clearly so that the specialist can contact - "

He's still talking, but I've finally lost my temper. Still, I manage to be polite.

"NO! Please put us on your do-not-call list. Put us on your do-not-call list. I have to go now, goodbye!" CLICK.
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